I’m Taylor, a Social Media Strategist based in New York.

I'm a seasoned digital marketing professional with over 7 years of specialized experience in social media strategy. My passion lies in crafting innovative and authentic social media campaigns that elevate brands and create meaningful connections.

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Social Media Management

I craft customized strategies that are tailored to achieve key objectives and designed to foster organic growth and forge genuine connections with your target audience.


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Content Creation

From conceptualization to delivery, whether it’s crafting visuals, composing compelling copy, graphic design, video editing or more, my focus is creating a unified and polished brand image.


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Omnichannel Strategy

I seamlessly integrate a consistent brand voice across diverse social media landscapes, ensuring the storytelling is unified and magnified in its reach and impact.


<aside> πŸ“Š the story behind the stats

Data Analysis and Reporting

I transform data into narrative; complex metrics are deciphered to provide clear, actionable insights, driving strategy refinement and performance optimization.


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